We all know that water is essential to our life and wellbeing. Many researchers believe,
however, that up to 80% of our population is dehydrated. Why is this important to know?
Because dehydration has been correlated with many health conditions including:
allergies, hypertension and high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, constipation and
autoimmune diseases. The average 150 lb. adult body is almost 2/3 “water weight.”
Water makes up our blood, muscles, bone and brain. Even a slight decrease in our water
consumption can impact our bodily processes and mental processes as well.

Why should we drink more water?

Here are ten super reasons to hydrate daily:

Water improves your energy.

When your body is hydrated you will naturally have more energy without having to drink caffeinated products such as coffee and

Water keeps your skin healthy

Water makes the skin smoother and helps
decrease the effects of aging.

Water can help you lose weight.

Best of all you don’t need to diet. You will not
eat excessively when you hydrate your system. Sugar cravings will also decrease.
Water helps to metabolize fat.

Water allows for proper digestion.

Water is the main solvent for all foods,
vitamins and minerals. It breaks down food into smaller particles to be digested
and absorbed into our bodies.

Water helps to remove your body’s toxins

Deposits of toxic sediments are
normally stored in the tissue spaces, joints, kidneys, liver, brain, and skin.
Drinking water will help flush these toxins out of your system.

Water can help to reduce headaches and dizziness

Dehydration may be the
cause of headaches and dizziness.

Water helps prevent memory loss as we age

Research has shown that water
can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s
disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease.

 Water can cut cravings of caffeine and alcohol

Water can help fight infections and viruses

It is vital in helping to make the
immune system more efficient.

Without Water…nothing lives!!


Interested in drinking more water but aren’t sure of how much you need? The Institute of
Medicine advises that men consume roughly 3.0 liters (about 13 cups) of water a day and
women consume 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day. Increase your health
and vitality by drinking more water on a daily basis and your body will thank you.

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