Practice good health with those around you.

According to University of Minnesota study, people were more likely to have favorable attitudes toward exercise and health eating when their family and friends exercised and ate healthy foods. Since we are often influenced by the people around us it is important to pay attention to the good examples of incorporating health and wellness into our lives. Here are some great ways to build your support system around health and wellness:

1. Get a workout partner (a family member, a friend, a colleague at work)
2. Join a gym and get involved in classes and activities you enjoy. You will meet others, make friends and stay motivated.
3. Use Technology. Now days you can find many sports clubs, walking clubs and work out groups on the Internet. Pick one and join. A lot of these groups are free. Get involved.
4. If you are over 65 look into the senior center fitness programs and programs through the YMCA such as Silver Sneakers.

Most of all…have fun.