How to Navigate through your Supermarkets for healthy food.

Commerical Supermarkets are designed and laid out to get consumers to buy things they may not have opted for when planning their food shopping trip. It’s helpful to know where the dangers lie and where you you can find the healthiest food.

Here are some healthful strategies:
1. Beware of foods placed at eye level. Foods are strategically placed to promote consumers to purchase. “Research – lots of it- shows that what you see is what you buy”, states professor Marion Nestle of University of New York. Beware of these eye level foods.

2. Skip End of Aisle Displays. Most of the time these displays are promoting junk food.

3. Beware of the Bakery and the bulk items in Corrals (chocolate covered nuts, candy, etc). Bakery items are intended to enhance our senses but be sure to read the labels. Often bakery goods are loaded with fat and sugar.

4. Start with the Perimeter. The freshest fruits and vegetables and the least processed foods with be around the perimeter of your market. Start at the perimeter and enter the aisles only for specific items on your food list.