Americans are not very healthy. 1500 of us die of cancer every day. One in three women
and one in two men have cancer in their lifetime. Over 500,000 heart attack victims die
in the U.S. every year. 74% of Americans believe they are overweight. Diabetes will
increase by 165% over the next 50 years!
Why are we so unhealthy? There are many reasons. Some include: Lack of exercise;
stressful life style; not drinking enough water, toxins in our air and water, and poor food
choices. What can we do? Here are five simple things you can do on a daily basis to
Super Charge you Health!

“Read Your Labels”

According to a study from Washington State University,
the average American child eats more than 5 lbs. of sugar every week and adults
are close to that as well. Sugar contains no vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber.
Check your label before eating and limit your sugar intake to no more than 18-20
grams per meal.

Sleep Well

According to the National Sleep Foundation’s survey on sleep, 40%
of adults are so sleepy during the day that it interferes with their daily activities.
Left untreated sleep disorders are associated with serious medical illnesses such
as high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, poor quality of life, & injury from
accidents. The amount of sleep that we need varies from person to person but on
average it is recommended that you get 8-9 hours on sleep each night.

Eat Your Fruits & Veggies

Fruits and Vegetables contain plant fiber that helps
lower cholesterol, risk of diabetes, and many types of cancer. Fruits and
vegetables contain 1000s of phytochemicals that help fight disease. Doctors
believe that over 70% of degenerative diseases can be prevented by eating 9-13
servings each day.

Get Active!

Make exercise an essential part of your schedule. Pick a favorite
activity (walk, swim, run, join a sport) and start slowly (just 10 minutes a day can
make a difference).

Remember Laughter really is Medicine!

Researchers at University of Maryland found that people who laughed the most were less likely to suffer from
heart disease and that laughter seems to increase antibodies that fight upper
respiratory diseases and other infections. Humor also increases tolerance to pain.
To increase your laughter subscribe to a joke of the day, watch funny movies or
check out your shows of your comedians in your community.


You play a major role in determining the quality of your future. The choice is yours.
Start today and super charge your health!!

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