Back again! Spalshing into fitness!

The water is a great way to cross train, recover from an injury, and an excellent pre/ post natal workout. I have been teaching aquatic water fitness for almost 15 years (everything from Aqua cardio kickboxing, aqua step, circuit training in the water, to hydrotone (the ultimate water resistance workout)). Over the years I’ve run marathons, walked half marathons, but I always come back to the water for a great workout. Nine months ago I had my first child, a little baby girl. I continued teaching my water classes until my ninth month. Eight weeks after I delivered I was back in the water working out and losing the 35 pounds I had gained.

So why is water such a great workout?
– Increased muscular strength. The Resistance is ~4-42 times greater in water than air (depending on speed and surface area). Resistance equipment such as webbed gloves and paddles do an excellent job in toning the muscles
-Increased flexibility & range of motion.
-Cardiorespiratory conditioning. Studies have shown convincingly that for decreasing body fat, rhythmic vertical water exercise is comparable to land-based programs.
-Modifications can be easily given for participants with special considerations.

I would suggest that where ever you decide to take a class to make sure the instructor is water certified from an national organization like Mary Sanders, Speedo/Waterfit program, or the Water Fitness- YMCA of the USA.

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